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Our Goal

Our goal is to create a consolidative knowledge base for developers who are interested in venturing into the realm of building TV apps, particularly those based on React Native.

Currently, there exists a noticeable gap in readily available information in this specialised area, making it an underloved part of the React Native ecosystem.

We recognise this lack and aim to fill it by establishing a centralised hub where people can not only find comprehensive resources and guidance but also feel like they are part of a community dedicated to learning and growing in this unique space.



Anisha Malde

Developer Advocate @ Amazon Appstore

Anisha is a React Native Developer Advocate at Amazon where she is focused on educating and engaging app and game developers. She is passionate about fostering a vibrant community and empowering women in tech.


Mohammad Javad

Head of Mobile (UK) @ Theodo / BAM

Mo is currently the Head of Mobile and a Tech Lead at Theodo UK, having worked on several projects with startups, SMEs, and established enterprises to create cross-platform mobile applications. Additionally, he is the organiser at React Native London, the largest React Native meetup in the UK.

Mo is passionate about React Native, MobileDevOps, and pushing the boundaries of combining code across web and mobile. Experienced in a wide range of frontend, backend technologies including React, React Native, Next.js, Svelte, Grails (Groovy), Spring (Java), Nest.JS, Django, among others.


Giovanni Laquidara

Sr. Developer Advocate @ Amazon

Giovanni is Sr. Developer Advocate at Amazon, where he works on supporting developers around the world using the Amazon Appstore on different devices. He previously worked as a software engineer in mobile, real-time defence system and VR/AR. He is Interested in low level programming, IoT, and command line :D.


Pierre Poupin

Tech Lead @ BAM

Pierre is working as a React Native tech lead at BAM. He has been building lots of different projects on different matters. He's focusing on React Native on TV right now, as it is a brand new and fascinating problem. He is one of the authors of the spatial navigation library React TV Space Navigation.

Pierre is also fond of working on DevX for his teams -- he loves implementing cool aliases! He is also passionnate about game development as a hobby, and is deeply in love with the fantastic open-source Godot game engine.

A special thanks to...


Justin Kek

Software Developer @ Theodo UK

Shoutout to Justin for helping us get this blog up and running!